3 K Beauty Singapore Trends In Vogue

You’ve most likely heard of the popular k beauty Singapore treatment routine, yet you might not understand that there are a lot of various other Korean appeal trends that deserve appreciation of their own make-up consisted of from intense tinted blush to shine eye makeup.

As for 2019 Korean make-up trends are concerned, fruity-looking make-up, shine lids, and shiny lips were in, but will they continue to be fashionable in the coming year? You are going to figure it out together what is going to be main fads on makeup style in 2020.

I picked some important trends of Korean Make-up based upon some comments and projecting by greatest cosmetics market leaders in Korea.

Glass & Gloss

We’re no stranger to glass skin and shiny lips (which was significant in 2019), however this year the Koreans are truly taking the gloss up a notch.

While some of us are still stressing over matte lipsticks, K-beauty has proceeded to a glossy coating. And unlike a few of the other Korean make-up fads we’re adoring, this one is especially quick and simple to experiment with for yourself.

To truly get that lustrous effect, apply a dense coating of clear lip gloss in addition to your shiny lip color.

Exfoliate your lips

Is it truly necessary to exfoliate your lips? The answer is most likely yes, unless you are blessed with naturally moisturised lips that never get flakey. Gradient lips are intended to exhibit a sense of “juiciness” so having smooth and soft lips can assist highlight this appearance. Don’t fret however, you don’t need to exfoliate them each day. Twice a week is the optimal regularity generally recommended.

Exfoliating your lips will help to get rid of the dead skin cells and make your lips silkier and softer for much better lipstick administration. Some lip exfoliators also have various other advantageous properties such as vitamins and anti-oxidants.

If you are a DIY type of individual, go with a natural lip scrub which can be easily made with sugar and coconut oil.

When exfoliating your lips, rub the lip exfoliator delicately on your lips in a round activity for about 15 secs. Always bear in mind to do it gently to avoid exceedingly breaking down the skin on your lips, which can cause lip bleeding and scabs.

Pick a dark lipstick colour

The Fad: Ah, dark lipstick– the last frontier of the ’90s. Depending upon who you ask, almost-black shades of amethyst have been back in vogue (or toeing the side) for rather some time, with 2020 tackling the fashionably gothic appearance once again.

How To Pull It Off: You have some free room here. If you’re not quite ready to jump headlong into the pattern, experiment with a much deeper, cooler-toned berry lip.

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