Self-care Gift Guide for the Holiday Shopping

Our everyday hassles, encounters, and life demand expose us to extreme levels of stress. Sometimes you are not even aware you are under pressure. Notably, stress increases the risk of getting a stroke, heart disease, and other medical problems. However, a little self-care here, and there may significantly minimize your risk.

Self-care has become the trend recently, one that is promising. Unfortunately, the holidays are a stressful period where many people forget to take care of themselves. So, why don’t you help a friend, relative, or that special someone beat the holiday stress by getting them a self-care gift basket?

There are endless options of what you can include in such a basket. Read on to discover ideas on how to create the perfect self-care gift basket.

Skin Cleansing Oil

Skincare is probably one of the most profitable and ventured sectors in the beauty industry. The probable reason is that your skin is what the other person first notices about you and can learn a lot about you at first glance. Besides, the skin is the largest body organ and is exposed to hundreds of irritants in our everyday activities.

With this in mind, a skincare routine is mandatory for every living soul. So why not include a skin cleansing oil in your care basket? Notably, skin cleansing oils come in various forms, each with its unique composition. Select the best quality, based on your special someone’s skin type.

Apple Watch Strap

There is no denying that the Apple Watch is the best of its kind. This little gadget lets you pick calls, read messages and emails, set times, google, and even track your exercise sessions. Additionally, it looks great too. You can give your apple watch a fresh new look by changing its face or strap.

Therefore, if your special someone has an apple watch that you feel needs upgrading, get them a new Apple watch strap. Luckily, there are various options, from leather and metal to fluoroelastomer (which wipes clean and is perfect for the gym).

Image 3D Reel 

This is probably the most sentimental gift you can give. Also known as a RetroViewer, an Image 3D Reel is ideal for wedding and party invitations, table, birthday gifts, and photo albums. This little tool has a similar look and feels as View-Master toys, only that they feature the person’s photos.

Include photos of your intended person’s most important memories, then add the reel in your self-care gift. The person will be forever grateful every time they look at the photos in the reel.

Instant Eyebrow Extensions

Ladies appreciate the struggle that comes with trying to keep one’s eyebrows looking luscious. Therefore, instant eyebrow extensions will probably be the most thoughtful gift you can give someone.

Though drawing eyebrows is a routine makeup routine, it quite tiring and frustrating, particularly with sparse or uneven eyebrows. However, these struggles become a thing of the past with instant eyebrow extensions.

These give you naturally full eyebrows in seconds. The best thing is that they are waterproof, easy to use, and last up to seven days. Cut out the shapes and apply them on top of your brows. Place a wet towel over them for a few seconds before removing the paper. It is that simple, painless, and comes with up to eight different brow shapes.

Soft, Cozy Socks 

Socks are probably the most ignored piece of clothing. Though we all need socks, we do not remember to get ourselves a new pair until we are down to one set or our favorite pair is full of holes.

Admittedly, there is nothing about shopping for socks, but a new pair always adds excitement to our lives. When going on holiday or gifting a special someone, get a new pair of soft and cozy socks. Imagine seated by the fireside, reading our favorite book, while your feet are feeling all cozy and fuzzy? It is a desirable feeling and one that everyone should enjoy when on holiday.

You can try the MD plain bamboo socks. They are soft, stylish, and affordable, thus a great addition to your self-care basket. Visit the official Amazon website and get yourself a pair or even more.

Bath Products 

What is better than sitting in a bathtub after a long day sipping your favorite wine? Admittedly, there is no better feeling and a more fantastic way to relax. However, you can further enhance this experience by getting yourself those luxury bath products you have wished for. Usually, we find it difficult to spend on top-notch bath products, so why not treat yourself this once.

Notably, there are hotel suites that come with exclusive bath experiences. Enquire beforehand the kind of products they use. If they are not to your liking, get your preferred items in advance. Or, show up prepared. Furthermore, bath products form an excellent treat for your loved ones.

Hot Tea or Drink Mixes 

Some tea, hot chocolate, or coffee mix is an excellent idea for a self-care gift basket, whether for yourself or for that special someone. The Christmas season is usually chilly in most parts of the United States, making this an ideal gift during Christmas.

It helps keep warm and enhances bonding as the family sits around the fireplace, sharing stories while enjoying a hot cup of their favorite drink. Besides, hot calming tea is an excellent way to relax. You could include the whole box or several servings, depending on your budget. Also, you can choose to give a gift card to their favorite local coffee shop.

A Sweet Treat 

Who does not like a sweet treat from time to time? The holiday season is a time to share material things and joy. Children are home for the holidays, and diets are abandoned for a while. So why not enjoy a sweet treat? You can choose to include a homemade treat such as peppermint chocolate cookies, their favorite candy bar, or a few candy canes.

Scented Items 

There are multiple scented items you could gift someone, including scented oils, diffusers, candles, and room sprays. They help improve the ambiance and aroma of a room, allowing one to relax. Homemade options, though quite pricey, are always lovely.

Art Supplies 

Though not everyone appreciates the uniqueness and aura associated with art, the majority of people enjoy art. Art is expressed in multiple forms, including paintings, sculptures, poems, or songs. If you know the specific art the intended person enjoys most, you can add an art supply to their self-care gift basket.

Unknown to most people, most adults enjoy adult coloring books, as they do not demand excellent artistic abilities, plus they have been shown to help reduce stress. Find all kinds of coloring books on the market to ensure you settle on what best suits the person receiving the basket. You can also include a set of coloring pencils to complement the book.

You do not have to be an art fanatic to find the best art piece to gift someone. Consider their likes and dislikes, and consult any professionals within your reach for advice. The most thing is to get an art piece that will speak volumes to the person.


The holidays are a season to spread love and care. While routine gifts are easier to assemble and think of, challenge yourself during this holiday season and get your special someone a self-care gift. It will not only show how much you care but will also remind them to care for themselves during the holiday season.

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