Spread the Cheer, Double the Joy: Gift Your Loved Ones a Timex

Diwali, the festival of joy and lights, is around the corner and, understandably, you are very much excited about it. And why not, this time it’s even more special. It is time to put away all the worries of the year and enjoy more time with loved ones. Time to make them feel special and let them know how important they are.

That is why the festive season is also the gifting season. It calls for sharing and spreading joy with a well thought out Diwali gift. Giving thoughtful and considerate gifts to members of your family, friends, and office colleagues is a classic way to let them know you really care.

A wristwatch is an all-time charmer when it comes to gifting someone or buying for yourself. No matter how many gadgets there are to tell you the time, a wristwatch never goes out of style. Unlike other gadgets, a watch will give you just what you need and not distract you with plenty of other apps and features. Moreover, it is minimum maintenance, not requiring regular charging or delicate handling. And today’s wristwatches come with more features than the 19th-century fob chain and pocket watch.

Premium watch-making company Timex has made gifting easier with delightful offers this season. If you’re thinking you have missed out on great deals on the watches earlier, worry not, because Timex is giving possibly the most irresistible offer of the year this Diwali. Not only will this help you buy branded watches online in India, but you also get the best deals of the year which will help you save big and gift open-hearted too.

The specialty of a wristwatch as a gifting item is that no age or gender is restricted so anyone can wear it, and, at Timex, there is something for everyone. Whether you’re planning to get one for yourself or gifting out to your parents, siblings, clients, colleagues, employees, or any other connection, a wristwatch makes a perfect gift. It’s a pleasant, utilitarian, considerate gift that will always remind them of you as it sits on their hands.

Timex is geared up to celebrate the spirit of festivities by introducing exciting wrist watch offers.  As a part of the offer, when you visit the Timex store for buying a watch, you get another one at 50% MRP value of the 1st watch. So the double treat offer doubles up your joy and lets you buy two watches with ease. You can also shop online and avail a discount up to 40%.

The iconic watches from Timex collections are not only the most sought-after but are also every watch collector’s delight because of their unparalleled combo of style, substance, functionality, and affordable price tags. Innovative, cutting-edge, and stylish designs in watches for men and women will be available with attractive offers from 15 October to 20 November 2020.

Since a wristwatch is one accessory that you tend to wear almost every day, it is something truly worth investing in, and one that you can do with confidence. As such, you should buy a watch that suits the wearer’s style, accentuates the overall look, and one that holds them in good stead for a long time to come. It will serve its owner faithfully and as the years go by, it could one day serve their next generations and others following that. Indeed, it’s a wonderful legacy to pass down.

So, what’s stopping you from gifting this festive season. Get ready to have more fun time with your special people, thanks to #MoreTimeWithTimex. Don’t forget to avail the Diwali special Double Treat Offers from Timex because they are already live and open till November 20, 2020.

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