Satiate Your Festive Desire With Fashion Staples From Select Citywalk

Diwali is just around the corner and we are almost 2 months away from 2021 (Thank god for that!).  Even though the markets and houses should have been lit-up with a festive-fervour by now but due to social distancing everyone is giving celebrations a pass. But is it, really right?

Social distancing does not mean putting a halt on celebrations and shopping. As shopping malls in Delhi including Select Citywalk finally open up, this is perhaps the right time for shopping in Delhi. All you have to do is wear a mask and sanitize yourself.

Shopping in the time of COVID-19 is very much possible and here is how you can satiate your festive desire at Select Citywalk mall:

Ladies! Get yourself a nice sling bag 

What is peppy, hip, and just the right amount of cool? A sling bag, of course! It is, in essence, the ultimate answer to the increasingly fastidious nature of modern women. Serving as a cross between a handbag and proper bag, a sling bag makes for a versatile and particularly useful accessory without compromising on style. While you can shop the streets for variety, a sling bag will only look the part if its material and design is of the highest quality, and not at all over the top.

Autumn turns everything dry, but make sure your style isn’t amongst that. You can give this beautiful blush-coloured sling bag a try that balances out any casual outfit under the sun. The first thing that pops into our mind is how well this bag will go along with denims, and of course, a quirky top to go with it. Sneak in white sneakers, and that’s how you do cool!

Don’t shy to suit-it up

You don’t have to be Neil Patrick Harries from How I met your Mother in order to suit-up. Believe it or not, suits are back in fashion for women with a statement to make. Nothing exudes official stature and authority like a business suit. It is, however, essential that you experiment with the combinations in front of the mirror and get the under-top right. Here’s how you can suit yourself up for several occasions.

Splurge on fine fabrics

Choosing the right fabric is more than just about comfort. It decides the fall of any garment. Therefore, you may avoid synthetic fibers like polyester and rayon. Italian wool would do very well for the perfect jacket this autumn and be just as fitting for the winters. You can choose different fabrics for tops and bottoms to achieve a personalized look. If you are planning to buy a salwar kameez or sari, prefer to buy that in satin or silk, preferably something which comfortably sits on skin.

Autumn/winter is also a good time to invest in bold prints as they give a rather regal look. It is only logical that designers around the world are crafting apparels with bold prints to achieve recognition as opposed to the somber hued suits. Pair printed jackets with neutral colored pieces for a contrasting appearance. Wear jewelry, which is advisable, in taste with solid colored bottoms to ensure that the focus remains on the print.

Taper those pants

Skinny bottoms are in style for various applications and especially office wear. They go arm in arm with peplum styled jackets. You may, however, try loose trousers as well. Skinny pants hold an indispensable part of your closet. They go well with about anything and can be paired with printed jackets as well. Wear high heels for official meetings and sneakers with the suit for a night out. Graphic tees with suits emanate a cool vibe and make a great party wear.

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