Breitling rubber band: The Secret of Success

Breitling, the famed brand of Swiss watches, serves the purpose of aviation, diving, and luxury. Breitling has successfully established itself as one of the world’s leading watchmakers for some of the most iconic modern horology designs under its belt. Over the years, the company has provided sophisticated mechanical watches for both military and civilian markets.

You can instantly fit them into your style. Breitling rubber bands are tailor-made, which the wearers can adjust as per timepiece. People are fond of Breitling sports watches for their water-resistant, rugged, and professional looks.

Breitling rubber bands are available in various colors, brand new designs, and durable materials that can reasonably adjust the Breitling watches. The Breitling timepieces are designed to withstand the most challenging weather conditions for exploring the ocean’s floor or at death-defying altitudes.

History of the company – in a nutshell

Breitling is a Swiss luxury watch manufacturing company that came into existence in 1884 in Saint-Imier, Switzerland. The credit goes to its founder Leon Breitling. The company is widely known for its precision-made chronometers designed especially for aviators. All the watches of the company fit with quartz or mechanical movement, chronometer-certified by the C.O.S.C. The watch-making company caters to the needs of the diving or aviation industries.

Horus Watch Strap, Inc. has been acclaimed for revitalizing the watch-strap accessory industry since its inception. The company has designed the most aesthetic and comfortable watch straps with an unparalleled taste for original ergonomic design.

About Breitling products

The aviation model called Navitimer provides complicated aviation functions. However, modern electronic instruments are putting all their efforts into replacing their products. Breitling watches have a craze for their polished cases, large watch faces, and bracelets. The styling of the dials is designed to improve readability. Some of the models have an automatic winding mechanism which is mechanical.

Navitimer fulfills the purposes of navigation and timer, as the name suggests. With time, the company has evolved and adjusted to have new complications to match the demands of various space programs. For example, it introduced a 24-hour dial instead of the general 12-hour dial when an astronaut approached Breitling. The model combined the navigation computer with chronograph functions which made it capable of maintaining calculations.

Chronomat is another best-selling model produced by the Swiss Manufacture. The model was designed for military watches with a circular slide rule. Chronomat had two logarithm scales for measuring distance, speed, pulse rate, and some other precise mathematical calculations of a flight plan.

Types of Breitling rubber bands

Breitling watches are admired for functionality, sturdiness, and legibility. The Superquartz movement certified by the chronometer provides a cell life of eight years with a high value of precision which is ten times superior to standard quartz. The dials for super divers are colossal with lucidly visible numerals and luminescent coating. Below are some of the high-quality bands used in Breitling watches.

  • Avenger strap, Breitling – jet black rubber
  • Superocean heritage strap, Breitling – jet black rubber
  • Avenger strap, Breitling – red camo rubber
  • Superocean heritage strap, Breitling – arctic white rubber
  • Superocean heritage strap, Breitling – graphite camo rubber
  • Navitimer strap Breitling– red camo rubber
  • Chronomat strap, Breitling – lime rubber
  • Chrono line strap, Breitling – blue Digi camo rubber
  • Bentley Motors T, Breitling – desert sand rubber

Consumers can choose their unique selection of colors from tangerine, olive, flamingo pink, tangerine, sunshine yellow, graphite Miami blue, arctic white, royal purple, desert sand, ocean, espresso, Gulfstream blue, hurricane grey, shamrock green, snow camo, seafoam blue, indigo blue, Bordeaux, navy blue, etc.

Ways of changing the rubber band on a Breitling watch

You can squeeze the strap sides and find a spring bar. The procedure is quite akin to changing a strap at the lugs.

A spring bar tool can be of help. You can choose your rubber strap for Avenger 43 mm, Avenger 48 mm, Chronomat 42 mm, Navitimer 41 mm, Navitimer 43 mm, Navitimer 45b mm and 46 mm, Superocean 42 mm, Premier Chronograph 42 mm, Superocean Heritage 44 mm, Superocean 46 mm, Superocean 48 mm.

The specialty of Breitling rubber bands

Breitling rubber bands are more than a simple watchband. The product is Swiss-built and made of supple, firm, torsion-resistant vulcanized rubber. The rubber bands are responsible for providing a classic appeal to the watches. The company uses various moisture-proof materials like Kevlar and Alligator and provides unlimited water-resistant enjoyment with impeccable endurance. The Breitling watches cater to the wearers’ most active lifestyles.

The watches of the superior quality match only with the most high-end and finest watch-bands made of 100% Swiss leathers.

Names behind Breitling rubber bands

Rubber B and Roger Dubuis is an exclusive and official collaboration between two independent brands: The brand of Richemont International S.A. and Rubber B L.L.C. with Manufacture Roger Dubuis. You can find intellectual property rights of watches, trademarks, visuals, logos, and names that belong to each related watch brand.

Exclusive features of Breitling rubber straps

Breitling has innovative and exclusive patented rubber technology with bands that compliments the Breitling Avenger, Chronomat, Navitimer, Chronograph, and Superocean watches. The 100% rubber-made bands are waterproof for all sporting and aquatic activities. No silicone blends and coatings are used. The wearers can trust it for its non-marking, non-toxic, dust-resistant, and non-allergen features.

One can purchase the strap separately if required.

Breitling rubber bands are made from rubber, leather, or E.C.O.N.Y.L. fabric. One can find pro, racer, mesh, rubber straps at a reasonable rate.

There are different variants of leather straps also. These include a calfskin leather strap, alligator leather strap, etc.

Final Takeaways

Breitling is a luxury brand of Swiss watches with the best design to endure the test of time. The iconic watches add an enduring appeal to be idolized and revered by the consumers. Breitling catered to the needs of aviation industries and supplied chronographs for the cockpits of numerous airline companies.

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