Best Places to Buy Beautiful Accessories In Delhi

Accessories complete the look of any outfit – be it Indian wear or western wear. A statement necklace, a pair of sunglasses, a woven scarf, a pashmina shawl, a handbag and more such accessories can just help you up your style and flaunt your personality. The most boring outfit if complimented with the right accessories will make for the perfect look, no matter the occasion. Delhi offers many such places for accessories at various price points. Read on to know about them:

Janpath’s Flea market

For all the chunky jewellery, to statement necklaces, to ethnic leather handbags the street shopping at Janpath will offer you more than you can ever consume. There are small artisan stores that sell regional accessories that selljuttis from Punjab, shawls from Kashmir, mirror work handbags and stoles from Gujarat and Rajasthan. The one thing that is required from your end is the skill to bargain.

Shingora Stores

Originally from Ludhiana, Shingora stores is known for trendy accessories and attention to detail. With stores across the city at Select City Walk and other malls, this store offers the loveliest stoles, dupattas, scarves, and shawls, among other accessories that are ideal for both men and women. For the men they have pocket squares and ties; when one adorns their beautiful prints and bright colours they will definitely stand out from the rest of the crowd.


Accessorize has remained a conceptual leader in high street accessories with its offering of products that are sourced globally. These accessories are trendy, inspirational and good quality while being affordable at the same. A store that one longed to go to as a teenager offers something for every occasion. They span across all categories right from hand bags, costume jewellery such as rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, pendants to other accessories like hats and scarves. They refresh any look with their seasonal offerings.

Fab India

Known for their traditional handcrafted offerings, one can never be disappointed with Fab India’s ethnic collection of accessories. Be it their hand block printed dupattas or their silk woven stoles, one can feel royal in Fab India clothing and jewellery. At the same time one can feel good about shopping from here as Fab India supports local artisans by empowering them. Their entire collection of footwear, bags, pocket-squares, ties, stoles and jewellery can elevate any one’s style

Sunglass Hut

One accessory you can’t go wrong with and must own are a pair of sunglasses. Be it classic wayfarersor aviators by Ray Ban or the trendy reflectors, oversized frames and funky cut-out designs from Celine and Prada. Not only do they protect your eyes, a good pair of shades can enhance your look and create a lasting impression.

Accessories play a more important role than one imagines because it is a depiction of your personality and a way to express who you are and your style. One can gauge a lot about a person by seeing what they are wearing – your accessories create a first impression of your personality.

Often if you see someone wearing a big necklace or chunky earring you tend to assume they will have a more vivacious personality as compared to someone in small earrings or a dainty charm bracelet who will have a timid personality.

Accessories offer multiple ways to display your uniqueness and highlight your fashion accent, and you have so much to choose from – accessorize away!

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