5 Benefits of Traveling with a Leather Backpack

Backpacks are quickly replacing the use of traditional luggage for a number of reasons. Not only do they evenly distribute weight across the shoulders to prevent back pain, but they also make it easy to access items like cell phones, travel tickets, and beverages that are needed when traveling. That being said, a leather backpack is one of the best items one can have as a traveling companion, and there are several reasons why.

1. They are Highly Durable

As opposed to nylon or canvas backpacks, leather bags can hold up for decades. According to Leather Magazine, leather materials are more durable and sustainable than traditional options.

2. Leather Backpacks are Lighter than Luggage

Compared to a suitcase or luggage piece—even a small one—a leather backpack will be much lighter and easier to move around with. Furthermore, high-quality leather materials are typically lighter than nylon or canvas. Generally, cheap leather will be heavier than other materials, so quality is essential.

3. Leather is Water Resistant

Most luggage and low-quality backpacks will soak in water easily, and it’s going to rain eventually when you travel. Rain won’t damage the exterior while it’s protecting your property inside. Water slides off the smooth leather, and it is also a safe option to keep items cooler in warm weather, making it an excellent year-round carryall.

4. Leather Backpacks are Attractive and Trendy

Leather can style up any outfit regardless of where you’re headed. What once was a predominant fashion trend in Europe has expanded to earn a global following. Of course, many of the most popular celebrities carry a leather backpack and have made them trendy with individuals of all ages and backgrounds. Getting one for yourself can put you on the fashion map even when you’re not on a trip. So if your fashion-conscious there is no substitute for quality leather bags.

5. Backpacks are Multipurpose Bags

You don’t need to be leaving town to use backpacks. They are invaluable when hiking, heading to work or class, or taking a short road trip. Even professionals are joining in on the trend to carry laptops, files, and other items they need to transport to and from work. Essentially, thanks to their durability they can be used for many purposes any time of year and in any weather conditions.

Go With the Best and Travel in Style

Be stylish and travel with ease at the same time with a backpack crafted of top-quality leather. You will enjoy the fact that it can last a lifetime and is low maintenance, clearly making leather backpacks the best choice for those on the move.


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