6 Ways to Wear a Maxi Dress in Summer

  1. Bohemian chic

Material: chiffon, jersey, cotton, lace.

Colours and decor: flowers, ethnic prints, embroidery, fringe, scarves

Bohemian-style summer maxi dresses can be worn with a denim or suede jacket or vest, kimono. A very interesting accessory can be a scarf that can be casually draped over the shoulders or tied to a belt in a gypsy style. Bohemian style requires an abundance of jewellery, preferably made of rough metal and other natural materials. Oversized glasses and a wide-brimmed hat will complete the set perfectly. If you don’t like hats, you can pin flower jewellery or braided headbands with feathers on your hair. From shoes, sandals with a low, sandals with a thick heel and a platform are suitable.

  1. Casual & Relaxed chic

Material: knitwear and jersey

Colours and decor: most often plain calm or neutral shades (white, grey, black, beige, khaki), stripes, lack of decor on the dress, scarves, shawls

Denim jackets and vests are appropriate here too, but the relaxed style means fewer embellishments. A fedora hat, a bright shawl, a voluminous scarf will be the best addition to summer maxi dresses. You can also wear a soft fabric kimono with an unobtrusive pattern or a shirt on the dress. Low-cut shoes, sneakers and anything associated with comfort will best fit into the image.

  1. In the city

Material: chiffon, silk, viscose, cotton, lace, etc.

Colours and decor: any prints and colour brightness, interesting finish

To go out into the city, it is better to complement the image with classic things, a jacket and an elongated vest. You can also wear a leather jacket or parka. The choice of bag depends on the purpose of your pastime. The most convenient and practical accessory will be a spacious tote bag. For meetings in a cafe and restaurant – a clutch. Shoes can be as elegant as possible (shoes, graceful sandals, loafers and ballet flats), and casual (sandals on a low, laconic wedge shoes). A men’s-style watch, interesting earrings or a bracelet can serve as an ideal accessory.

  1. Minimalism

Material: cotton, chiffon, leather, artificial materials

Colours and decor: Look for cheap dresses online in neutral shades, for example, an extraordinary cut

In minimalism, you can focus on an unusual cut of an outfit or a non-standard way of wearing an outfit. For example, you can wear a dress with pants of the same fabric in a tone or contrasting colour. A masculine-style blazer or vest can be worn during cool periods. The jewellery is either very

laconic and not abundant, or one very creative, noticeable accessory is used. You can afford accessories in the style of futurism. Shoes – without unnecessary details, monochromatic.

  1. Tropical chic or Resort

Material: Chiffon and silk

Colours and decor: Cheap dresses online in floral patterns (flowers, leaves), marine themes (waves, shells, fish, ships), plain fabrics, bright colours, ruffles, ropes, etc. are best to choose.

The best additions are a tote bag made of straw or canvas, sunglasses, and embellishment in the main theme of the outfit. A very characteristic attribute of the image is a wide-brimmed hat. Summer shoes: classic sandals, flip flops, espadrilles, loafers, etc.

  1. Glamor

Material: knitwear, chiffon, silk

Colours and decor: either bright shade or pastels, draperies, dresses are often plain, sometimes have a floral print or watercolour pattern, dress decor is minimal, cut out, neckline, slits.

The main feature is brightly noticeable accessories such as a smart clutch bag, intricate jewellery, metallic shine of accessories. Shoes are feminine and elegant: stiletto heels or graceful heeled sandals.

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