How to Create a Trendy Look with Men’s Casual Shirts?

The fashion industry never ceases to delight dudes all over the planet with new products. Some trends last one or two seasons and go into oblivion, others remain in the hearts of fashion lovers for centuries. The latter include the military style, characterized by the use of a large number of elements from the military theme. It fits well into a casual look and is loved not only by women, but by men. The greatest demand from this direction is for men’s camouflage shirts.

However, in order to create a stylish image for this wardrobe item, it is necessary to select the appropriate “neighbours” who will not get lost against the background of the “comrade”, but will only emphasize his individuality.

Create a trendy look with trendy men’s casual shirts- camouflage shirts

To create an up-to-date image, you need to know the distinctive features of the military style:

  • For the manufacture of things, coarse materials of monochromatic colours are used; clothes for military personnel are often sewn from such fabrics;
  • The colour palette consists of various shades of green, the most popular are “khaki” and “camouflage”;
  • When buying a camouflage men’s shirt, pay attention to the presence of branded details, such as patch pockets, shoulder straps, stand-up collars;
  • There are practically no “bright spots” in clothes, this role fell on the shoulders of accessories;
  • Trendy men’s clothes emphasize the slimness and fit of the figure thanks to the fitted cut.

Layering is actual, you can put on a white T-shirt, a “camouflage shirt” on top and complement the image with a bomber jacket. In this case, you will not be mistaken for a “cabbage”, you will be the most stylish guy in any company.

You can buy camouflage men’s casual shirts to create not only a casual look, but also use them in a business suit (of course, within the dress code). A similar style of clothing is chosen by representatives of the strong half of humanity, leading an active lifestyle, not used to sitting in one place.

If you are not a lover of cargo clothing, go for other casual styling options mentioned below:

A casual look for all weather

Just because the weather is bad doesn’t mean you don’t have to think about your style anymore. This week, fashion designers present you a look to wear anytime: whether the weather is sunny or rather rainy for a relaxed and stylish weekend.

A US style teddy jacket

All in cotton, this teddy jacket is in cotton as comfortable to wear as a sweatshirt but with more character. She is perfect for this rather complicated season in terms of forecasting. It clearly gives character to a simple look that is meant to be a little more sophisticated than normal. This jacket with a US inspired look will be easy to wear in spring and autumn.

It will be a flagship piece of your wardrobe, in any case, it will accompany you everywhere on weekends. So, assert your trend with this teddy jacket.

Colourful chinos

Highlight the style with coloured chinos. Choose men’s casual bottoms in chino style with jogging comfort.

Features of men’s casual bottoms: Elastic waistband, chino cut and absolute comfort while keeping the style.

From online clothing store, you can buy original men’s casual shirts from the latest collections of the best fashion designers or look for a budget option to replenish your home wardrobe.

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