5 men’s ways to be fashionable and not look hipster

The sun is shining brighter and brighter, and there are fewer and fewer thoughts on what to wear to the office and on a date. We have collected the most fashionable sets, which are comfortable in the summer heat.

We will tell you how to dress stylishly for a man in the summer in order to catch the admiring glances and earn the praise of friends.

Polo shirt + chinos

The men’s polo shirt has long ceased to be only clothing for sports or leisure. Designers are experimenting with prints, colors and technologies: for example, casual polo can be made with sweat-wicking material.

Cotton chinos will also make life easier on a hot day. By the way, you can tuck them up. Feet will be much more comfortable in suede loafers than, for example, in patent ones. The set will be completed with a textile bag, which will fit all the essentials.

Comfortable, high-quality polo shirts and best graphic t shirts are perfect for the office and after work.

White T-shirt + ripped jeans

A white T-shirt or best graphic t shirts can be the staple of a summer wardrobe. And it’s okay if it is with the logo of your favorite brand – in the new season it is customary to speak straightforwardly about your feelings for a particular brand.

The fashion trends of the 90s are back- ripped jeans will look relevant. Complete this look with white leather sneakers for an added touch of style. It is not for nothing that athletes admit that they feel more comfortable in light-colored shoes in the heat than in dark ones.

Linen jacket + cotton shirt

A linen jacket is a real salvation in the summer heat. It looks formal enough to go to, for example, a business meeting. It should be worn with a light cotton shirt and tapered trousers. Braided leather loafers provide breathability, which is especially important in summer.

Jacket + Bermuda

What seemed strange before is now the latest fashion trend. A single-breasted casual blazer can be worn with Bermuda’s and no one will laugh. It is important to choose comfortable shoes for the set, such as slip-ons, to emphasize the everyday look. A bright belt will become a stylish accent.

Denim shirt + jeans

This is a great investment in a summer wardrobe, because denim total look is in fashion. The shirt should be worn with straight jeans. The denim retro style clothes goes well with the entire palette of blue, so you can safely choose an indigo backpack and azure topsiders.

When you want to look elegant at a business breakfast or on a date, you run the risk of looking weird. We will tell you how to create a casual and at the same time beautiful image without violating the male rules of style.

White blazer + ripped jeans

The combination of ripped jeans and a single-breasted blazer is at the height of its popularity. This look combines American light-heartedness with Italian chic. By the way, designers advise to tuck up jeans and wear white leather sneakers to them – they are suitable for a date and for meeting friends.

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