What are Clothing Rental Subscriptions? 

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past 5 years, you may have noticed a recent trend within the fashion industry (and no, we are not talking about those ginormous white dad sneakers). Clothing rental subscriptions have taken the world by storm, it seems there is a new clothing subscription company popping up daily! But what are they and why do you need them? 

But, what are they? 

Clothing rental subscriptions are ways to keep with new trends without having to make the purchase. Sport all looks this season has to offer without having to break the bank. A clothing rental service is a wallet-friendly way to chic, and more importantly, it is all delivered right to your front door. A rental service typically begins by taking a style quiz of some sort that will give wonderful suggestions for your new personalized rental closet. Next, you can choose a monthly membership subscription that fits your needs this typically has to do with the number of items and how often you can “swap” them out. Finally, comes the fun part, choosing your items! Typical clothing rental subscription services allow you to pick from a wide range of designers, brands, and styles. The best part is most subscription companies come with amenities galore!   Amenities can include a personal fashion advisor, free insurance, free shipping, and free dry cleaning! You read that correctly… FREE DRY CLEANING! In short, clothing rental subscriptions are a fast, money-saving way, to bring the latest and greatest trends to your closet.

Why has there been such a shift in the fashion industry? Two words: Sustainable Fashion

Over the recent years, consumers have become more aware of how their clothing consumption has created a detriment to our planet. Sustainability in fashion has become a huge movement and clothing subscriptions have become a part of the movement.  Fashion sustainability is the movement where brands become increasingly mindful in reducing their footprint, as clothing production can be harmful to our planet. The production its self can produce chemicals and waste, not to mention the tons and tons of textile waste ends up in the landfills each year; 11.2 million last year.  In fact, it was reported that the fashion industry produces up to 10% of the world’s carbon emissions and 20% of the world’s water waste.   Clothing subscription helps decrease the clothing industry’s footprint, as it combines the ideas of clothing swap and second hand. Chic and environmentally friendly, what is not love?

 How do I know if the clothing rental subscriptions are right for me? 

This is more of a trick question. What you should ask yourself what subscription service is the right one for me? There is a wide array of clothing subscription services available to the consumer market, ranging from fancy to casual. There are services that are for the workforce, teens, and accessories. The subscriptions can vary in length in rental from weekly to monthly. Furthermore, some of the subscription services allow you to purchase the pieces at a discounted price, how cool is that?

The people have spoken, and clothing subscriptions are here to stay in a big way! They provide the newest and fashion-forward trends to an alternative shopper. It was created to allow accessibility and sustainability within the fashion industry. Whether you are looking to try a new look, or you are an influencer on the go; a clothing subscription will help meet your needs and allow for you to be the best dressed in every room! Once you find the right subscription to match your needs, you will not only be the chicest girl but the smartest too! 

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