Tips for Buying Baby First Walking Shoes

Seeing your baby take their first steps is an incredible. This is a crucial stage when your baby walks on their steps for the first time. You take your kid out and trusting them to start exploring on their feet. Before they start walking, you must make sure you have the right shoes for them to support their walking journey. Here are a few tips that help you to get your baby’s first walking shoes.

  • Consider Right Time To Buy Shoes

When your baby starts taking their initial step, it is not necessary to buy a pair of shoes

immediately. According to various studies, you must make them walk barefoot. When they start walking few steps then you must invest in a good pair of shoes. Shoes will help them to take few more steps comfortably. You must get them the best Quality New Baby Shoes at the right time for your child.

  • Choosing The Right Fit

Now you know that your child is ready for their first pair of shoes. How do you know the right fit for your child’s feet? While many brands sell their shoes according to the age group, a better way will be to go with the inch’s length of the shoes. Shoe size is a really important factor, especially since your child’s feet will only continue to grow with time. Toddler’s feet get develop every 2 months and it will be difficult for you to make them use the same shoes for a long time. It is better to buy fewer pairs of shoes as later shoes will start creating problems in walking.  Find the best size guide on Jack & Lily for the specific measurements that would best suit your childs foot size.

  • Shoes Type & Support

When getting 2 year old shoe size, you have multiple options and styles to choose from. Do your research and choose accordingly. They have been categorized according to the material, style and its purpose.

  • Material

The material should be breathable, soft and made from high-quality material that takes care of your child’s feet. Luckily Jack & Lily provides the highest quality of shoe material from sole to outer leather. They take them the time to truly provide the best long lasting material for its customers while still supporting little feet in the community!

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