Men’s Sports Shorts: What to Wear?

Shorts are an important part of any man’s wardrobe. They are not only very comfortable, but sometimes just necessary, especially in hot summer weather. Shorts are considered to be exclusively sportswear. However, there are many variations of everyday models. What to say about comfortable denim shorts, in which you can walk and relax at parties.

There are many types of men’s workout shorts for men, each for its own occasion. Today there are several main categories:

  • baggy or boxers;
  • for running;
  • for swimming;
  • casual or casual.

The peculiarity of each type is the material from which the clothes are sewn, as well as its cut. Yes, boxers are loose knitted shorts, rarely made of synthetic materials. Favourite clothing of athletes, as natural fabric breathes, and free cut does not restrict movement.

A light drainage fabric is chosen for running clothes. The obligatory attribute of such form is a lining from a mesh material and a pocket for personal things. This way, even for training, you can always take everything you need with you.

Clothes for swimming – it is different: loose and tight – everyone chooses what is most comfortable. However, all models are made of quick-drying fabric, resistant to moisture and ultraviolet light. Athletes often choose tight-fitting models, as it reduces friction against water and does not slowdown in competitions. And fans of beach recreation and sports prefer loose shorts of bright colours.

Tights are an analogue of women’s leggings for men. This is a great option for a gym or jog in cool weather. These pants are not suitable for everyday use.

How to choose the right men’s shorts?

The first thing to look for when choosing is the length. If you choose sportswear for walking or beach, you need to remember that the optimal range of length is from 5 cm to the knee to 5 cm below the knee. Too short shorts are suitable only if you are going to swim in them and relax on the beach.

An important criterion when choosing sports bottoms for men is their fit. It must be dense. Avoid models that sit very low – it can put you in a rather awkward situation when you see underwear. Clothing with too high a fit is completely uncomfortable, in addition, restricts movement. Also pay attention to how tight the shorts fit you. They should not cause discomfort, but at the same time not hang down.

The colour of sportswear is an individual matter for everyone. If you like bright colours and prints, then feel free to choose beachwear in this version. There are almost no restrictions for beachwear, so feel free to wear any swimming trunks and shorts.

When choosing clothes for sports, focus on comfort. After all, it doesn’t matter what colour or length your shape is if you feel free and comfortable. And, of course, any clothes should be chosen by size. Each manufacturer has its own dimensional grid, in which each size corresponds to the value of the main parameters of your body: waist circumference, thigh circumference and height. By comparing the values ​​obtained after the measurement, you will be able to choose clothes that will fit you.

What to wear with men’s shorts?

  • Boxers look good with T-shirts in the same style and sports T-shirts;
  • Combine running shorts with running jackets and T-shirts, they are also made of lightweight moisture-wicking fabrics, which makes your workouts comfortable;
  • swimming and beach shorts are best combined with a naked torso, but if you need to visit a cafe or shop, it is better to wear a sports T-shirt or T-shirt;
  • casual models are a real space for experiments, they can be combined with T-shirts, polo shirts, and even sports-style shirts.
  • The main rule of combining shorts with other clothes is the unity of styles. The same goes for shoes and accessories.

Choose shorts by size, combine them correctly, and your workouts and walks will always bring only positive emotions!

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