The Hottest Women’s Bag Designs Trending in 2023

A new year is coming, so it’s time to look at the trends that come along with it. If you truly want to be ahead of the trend, invest now and don’t be sorry when these women’s bags are on every shoulder next year! 

Structured Bags

These were a big trend on runways towards the end of 2022 and will be carrying on into the new year.  They are a minimalist’s favourite and were seen on the shoulders of models walking for brands like Louis Vuitton. The stand-out point is that these are not just being seen in neutral colours anymore, they are coming in colourful yellow and blue too. 

The one thing that unifies this trend is not the shape of the bag, but the lack of slouch. Coming in all sorts of shapes such as triangles and rectangles, the bag holds its own shape with strong leather, and is perfect to add polish to any outfit. 

Vegan & Sustainable Materials

There is a lot of talk in the fashion industry about sustainability. Although the research is still ongoing, if your personal preference is to lean towards a vegan or sustainable choice, there are many more choices on the market. We are seeing far more recycled nylon and vegan leather as well as a new fabric called Mylo, which is faux leather made from mushrooms. The big thing here is to remember that these vegan and sustainable alternatives should not have the same price point as fine leather as their staying power and longevity have not yet been proven. 


Metallics aren’t just around for the holiday season anymore. In the runways for 2023, you can see glossy metallics everywhere. And although gold is still an absolute favourite, it was surprising to see silver metallics back in the spotlight. Maybe harkening back to the early 2000s when that colour was in. That being said, you could also see turquoise metallic bags going down the runway for Tom Ford, so you don’t have to stick with the traditional colours. A metallic bag is perfect to pair with an all-white outfit this winter. 

Top Handle Bags

You’ve seen a top-handle bag before. If you need a reference, Queen Elizabeth II was rarely seen without her top-handle bag. This style may be something you used to associate with your grandmother, but the vintage look is back in for 2023, but made modern? How? If you want a modern spin on this vintage bag shape, you can choose one in a boxy shape with a multi-coloured pattern. If you want one that can be worn with everything, there are plenty of elevated neutral options. Such as the monogrammed top handle bag from Louis Vuitton. 

If you really love this style of bag, you can opt for a small bag for nights out, and a larger bag to take all your necessities to work. 

Touchable Textiles

You might have noticed this trend beginning in 2022 with furry textures. Now, we have tactile bags. This doesn’t mean fluffy or furry bags, these are puffed-up and squishy bags. Think of a puffer jacket but a bag. They are made in either butter-soft leather or quilted nylon, two great options, depending on your needs. 

These bags were seen on runways being squished under one arm by the models, proving they really are a touchable choice. You may think these bags are suitable for evenings only, but they actually are suitable for the daytime also. Just pair them with a sharp tailored look, so it can contrast the rigidity of your outfit and give you a more well-rounded look overall. 

Trends Are Investments

Now that you’re aware of the trends going into 2023, it’s important to remember that trends have investment value too. You may think neutral handbags are the way to go, but if you take care of your trendy bag, you can still style It outside of the trend cycle, but you can also wait for the trend cycle to come back in and resell when the time comes. 

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