Make Your Princess Shine On The Christmas

“Style is the only thing you can’t buy. It’s not in a shopping bag, a label, or a price tag. It’s something reflected from our soul to the outside world—an emotion.”

The famous fashion designer Alber Elbaz defines style as a non-buyable entity and something that reflects our personality. Truly, our sense of style and fashion grows with time.

It is easy to dress up ourselves, but it can be difficult to dress our little girls. To have a girl is a blessing in itself, and to dress up to make her look like a princess is even more beautiful. Girls have so many options in clothing- skirts, dresses, pants, and many more.

The cuteness of our girls shoots up when we dress them up in something cute and make a fountain pony hairstyle. There are so many ways in which we can play around with our girl’s fashion and style.

This article will help you with some tips that will make sure your girl radiates her inner diva whenever she dresses up.

1.     Comfort is the key.

Make sure your princess is comfortable with whatever she wears. Often, clothes that have frills and glitter can be uncomfortable to wear and can be pricky. Check for clothing that has an underlining soft fabric that is wearable. When you go to buy the clothing, let your girl try out the outfit, and make her walk and run around in it. It will ensure you of any discomfort the dress might cause your girl in the future. Also, she will feel confident if she is comfortable in an outfit.

2.     Let her sparkle and pop.

Let the inner fashionista of your little girl channel into her clothing style. Let her pick up some vibrant and poppy colors that will make her stand out this festive season. Get some beautiful holiday dresses for girls that are full of frills and colors. Do not limit your girl to different shades of red and pink; dress up in a calming palette of blue to make her outshine everyone.

3.     Dress her according to the occasion.

Though the festive season calls for everything grand, it is important to consider the occasion before you dress your girl up. A casual dress for lunch, a sparkly one for a fancy dinner, and accordingly. This time of the year is cold too, so make sure to layer up your little one with enough woolen so that she does not catch a cold.

4.     Always accessorize.

Girls are very much fond of dressing up and accessorizing. You can always dress her up simply and accessorize right to amp up her fashion game. A girl can never have enough accessories. Get her a hat for a sunny day, trendy boots for a snowy day, scarves for a windy day, and jewelry that are perfect for any day. But make sure not to overdo the accessories and be careful with the small pieces of jewels that are easy to swallow.

5.     A size larger always works.

Children tend to outgrow the clothing in almost no time. Make sure you get a size larger for your girl so that she can wear the dress for a year at least. After that, you can pass it down to another girl in friends and family.


These tips and tricks will come in very handy when you are a mum to a princess. You can dress up your little girl until she grows up and develops her sense of style and fashion. Till then, have fun dressing up your doll in all kinds of clothing.

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