How To Perfectly Style The Panerai Rubber Watch Straps

It has been a rather frequent question regarding which is the one brand that instantly comes to the mind of every lover of watches whenever they are talking about any luxury brand? Well, the answer continues to be Panerai. Panerai has been one of the most famous and the most successful luxury manufacturers of watches. They have been creating the most beautiful looking timepieces like the Panerai rubber watch straps which are the favorite accessories of every man since 1860. Panerai is an Italian brand and was founded by Giovanni Panerai in the year of 1860.

This brand has been widely popular particularly for its amazing Swiss-made watches along with the amazing accessories that it manufactures too. By the incorporation of the highest quality movements in-house and the several ETA movements, Panerai watches and the rubber watch straps have continued to set a rather high bar within the market.

However, it is to be noticed that with these luxury watches comes a certain need for the other luxury accessories and very high maintenance. And that has been exactly why Panerai continues to be the favorite brand for every individual to choose from whenever it is about luxury watches.

Not only does Panerai continue to qualify as one of the top brands in this business of watch manufacturing, but also tends to have the absolute best accessories, much likely to be the Panerai rubber watch straps.

Why are the Watch Straps important?

Many people often tend to overlook the essential importance of these watch straps and tend to give more focus to the particular dial and on the functioning of this watch. We surely understand that the primary priority should certainly be the essential features of this particular watch, much like its resistance to water and its look of the given dial.

However, it is to be realized that when one has to select just one watch to represent their given style, the Panerai Watch Straps have proven to be very important. They tend to provide an edgy style and also define one’s taste for fashion. Plus, the particular kind of strap one looks upon wearing also tends to determine their level of comfort and the ease that they would have.

What are the different kinds of Panerai Straps available?

Considering the large wide range of high-quality products from Panerai, it has been very obvious that they also tend to have a rather diverse range of different kinds of straps available. A few of the very common and the most popular Panerai straps have been the leather straps, which are found in a rather wide range of different colors too.

On the other hand, we find the presence of the caoutchouc straps. These are extremely comfortable and are very easy to wear. These are basically made from natural rubber which tends to give them a rather durable and very strong build.

How to select the right strap for one?

Well, one might surely want to get a buyer’s guide for choosing the particular right Panerai strap. If one had bought a certain Panerai watch which was a very long time ago and now wants to get a renewed look for the same but without requiring to buy any other timepiece, then this is the ultimate time for one to invest in a brand new Panerai strap. The Panerai straps are extremely easy to change and tend to have full detailed guidance which has been made available on their website too. However, the greater question is to understand that how would one know which particular watch strap one might buy?

  • The Look

The absolute first and the foremost important factor that has to be considered by one when one intends upon buying any of these watch straps is that it essentially has to match perfectly with the design of their watch present with an individual.

The particular dial of this presently given watch is considered to be of utmost importance, and that is exactly why this color of the present dial, the particular color and the given finish of the present hour markers along with the present hands are all of potential importance. One must make sure that any of the watch straps that one buys goes on to match and in turn compliments the particular color theme of the present dial.

  • Material

The second most very important factor has to be the material of this strap. As we have mentioned earlier, these rubber straps made by Panerai have been made with multiple natural materials, which in turn tends to make them absolutely highly comfortable. However, this is to be understood that these rubber watch straps are not meant to be for everyone.

The particular material and the given finish of this particular strap must be in perfect accordance with their given style statement. If one looks forward to having a watch with a rather sporty look along with something that would also be suitable for everyday wear, then a Panerai rubber watch strap might do the ordeal for an individual.

  • Special Straps for the Specific Collections

The range of Luminor Due Panerai straps has been specifically made for their particular Luminor Due collection of watches. With much thinner padding, the straps of these collections ensure comfort. They have been made available in multiple tones along with the various patterns and the multiple textures too.


To sum it up, it is to be understood that if one has been planning on refreshing their particular style statement and they plan to do that by buying for themselves, a brand new rubber watch strap by Panerai, it is then when these would be some factors as mentioned above which they might take into consideration. These must include the particular size, the necessary color, the comforting material, and the beautiful texture of these straps. These are the factors that would in turn ensure that their strap would be rather compatible with their present watch and would in turn look perfectly seated on their wrist.

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