Gold vs Silver: What Should Your Jewelry Be?

When it comes to choosing jewelry, it’s hard to choose between gold and silver. It’s always been a matter of debate which type of precious metal is better. We’ll talk about what your jewelry should be here in a moment. 

If you’re a woman who wears a gold necklace or if you are a guy reading this and looking to buy jewelry for that special girl in his life, keep reading. We might be able to help you decide whether or not if gold or silver is your best choice regardless of which type of jewelry you’re looking for. 

Is it appropriate to mix gold with silver jewelry? Or should it all match? We’ll also be answering these questions in this quick write-up.

With that said, let’s get started:

Gold vs Silver: What’s The Difference?

Typically, gold and silver are two of the best types of jewelry on the mark. These precious metals are valuable and are definitely worth their weight in their own right. But what’s the difference between the two? 

Let’s make a quick comparison:

Value: In terms of value and price, gold edges out silver in terms of which is worth more. That’s because gold has more density compared to silver. Even at the same weight, gold will be worth more than silver in terms of price. 

Shine: Because of its color, gold just barely beats out silver in terms of how eye-catching and shiny it might be. It’s probably because of that yellowish tint that gold has over the whitish tint that silver has. If you are looking for something a bit more eye-catching, the choice couldn’t be more obvious. 

Number Markings: If you ever see a piece of jewelry with number markings and have no idea what they mean, let’s explain it a bit further. If you see something like “925” on a piece of sterling silver jewelry, that means it’s made of 92.5 percent silver. On gold, you’ll notice numbers like “18” or “24”. That’s the amount of Karats of gold it has. 

Can you mix silver jewelry with gold jewelry?

It’s been said that you should never, ever mix silver jewelry with gold. Whoever wrote that rule should be branded a liar. That’s because it’s a myth.

There should be no rule about mixing different types of jewelry. If you have a gold ring and want to wear a sterling silver necklace, go for it. Because the old school rules are outdated and no longer “in style”. 

However, there is a caveat to this. It depends on what you’re wearing. You’ll want your clothes to complement that mix of jewelry you want to wear. 

Any clothes with a high neckline could mean ditching the longer silver necklace (along with the gold necklace that goes along with it). But if you are wearing a low neckline dress for a formal even, that should be a green light to mix and match necklaces. If you are subtle with your jewelry, mixing and matching won’t be a problem since it might be less noticeable. 

Final Thoughts

If you are unsure about choosing gold over silver jewelry, then it’s OK to buy either piece of jewelry regardless of color. That’s because it’s OK to mix it up a bit. No matter what time of day or special ocassion, wearing your favorite jewelry will make you stand out above the rest in terms of your style. 

But if you have a preference (gold over silver and vice versa), you’re free to do that as well. Jewelry is jewelry, no matter how you look at it. 

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