It’s challenging to make a wrong choice when wearing a bracelet in jewelry, as bracelets are attractive and appropriate for every occasion. That’s what makes bracelets fun—after all, you can see them while you’re wearing them! Worn by women and men over time, bracelets are perfect for layering and stacking.

The materials used to make bracelets have diversified significantly, such as metal, fabric, plastic, and leather. Also, you may find bracelets with gemstones, crystal bracelets, metal bracelets, pearl bracelets, etc. They are created to accommodate a wide range of lifestyles and genders. Here, the question arises: How can you find the perfect bracelet style for your personality and daily activities?

Read on to find out the perfect bracelet styling tips and guide on wearing them on occasions.

Types of Bracelets-Choose your Style

Bracelets come in several styles, and sometimes it isn’t easy to select the option you like; however, here, we bring different bracelets for you to select the right one that suits your wrist.

Bracelets with Beads

Expandable and stretchy beaded bracelets are woven or beaded into a single or several rows. Additionally, jewelry carved from gemstones may come in a wide range of hues and look exceptional when stacked on both arms.

Chain Bracelets

Chain bracelets are created by linking segments together to form a bracelet. The ones that are often used are made of metal, for example, gold or silver. They can vary from lightweight chains to hefty bracelets. Available in various sorts of precious metals, the chain bracelets are excellent for layering.


An inflexible, circular form and metal are part of the bangle bracelet style. Most bangles are formed from gold or another form of metal, and they are frequently etched or straightforward. You may make an exquisite statement with delicate bangle bracelets embellished with gemstones or diamonds. Worn alone or layered with various bangles, they look fantastic.

Cuff Bracelet

Cuff bracelets are bracelet-shaped bangles. This type of bracelet fits wider and chunkier, lacking a buckle or clasp design. Cuff bracelet styles are a popular choice for men, as well. Instead of using a clasp, cuff bracelets are either on the back or the front; there is no clasp. As you experiment with a few different designs and sizes, you will find the right fit for you.

Crystal Bracelet

Crystals aid in the removal of energy blockages in the body, mind, and spirit by harmonizing the energy centers. It increases and enhances the vibration and vitality and your overall well-being. Wearing various bracelets on each side has distinct influences on you. Because crystal has a therapeutic property, crystal bracelets can help you have a harmonious and dynamic daily routine.

How to find a Perfect Style for your Bracelet?

The tips below will tell you how to style your bracelets correctly. Styling has never been easier since no longer does one have to worry about which bracelet to use in tandem with whatever piece of clothing.

  • Mix and combine your bracelets to make your jewelry stand out! Style your wrists in various ways. An excellent place to start is with the fundamentals. Wear 3–4 identical bracelets like gold bangles or a string bracelet, for instance. Ensure your bracelets match while choosing. Avoid contrasting bracelets. It would just appear weird and out of place on the stack.
  • Avoid stacking too many bracelets. Instead, carry three to four bracelets on each arm. It will help you reduce your accessories. Stacking heavy bracelets is creative and entertaining but not necessarily required. Sometimes less is better.
  • Always consider the length of your sleeves before wearing bracelets; if you are wearing long sleeves, it will not make any sense if nobody can see it. Therefore, wear it with short sleeves where everyone can see it.
  • Make sure to give priority to your comfort. Most bracelets are attractive, but not all are comfortable.
  • While mixing and matching tend to be effective most of the time, it does not apply to metal. Instead, use caution when combining metals when it comes to wearing jewelry. The true beauty of different metals like platinum, sterling silver jewelry is only shown when they are made separately instead of mixing them.

How to know your correct size?

When it comes to fitting a bracelet, a general rule of thumb is to measure your wrist and add 1/4 inch to 1 inch extra to it (add one inch only if the bracelet is fitted rather snugly). The bracelet you would wear would then be that size.

Which is the Best Option to choose?

Choosing the material for your bracelet is equally important, regardless of whether you choose a plastic or metal bracelet. On the cosmetic side, a silver or gold bracelet is the best option. Although stainless steel is suitable for many styles of women, it does not appeal to all ladies. These bracelet materials are excellent for formal wear as well as a work outfit.

Want to wear more than one bracelet?

Some women can get away with wearing bracelets on both wrists. How you wear the bracelets and what you wear them with will hugely impact how you look. However, if you want to wear more than one bracelet or multiple bracelets, make sure that while wearing many bracelets, focus on picking one item to stand out. Let your bangles serve as the centerpiece of your jewelry collection. Choose a chunkier bracelet component and add it to your current bracelet collection. Wear one bracelet in bold hues with other, more muted bracelets.


A bracelet, either purchased for oneself or given as a present, adds an attractive bit of flair to your wrist. On any occasion, people either buy bangles or wear a bracelet.

There are several types of bracelets and bangles out of which a person can choose what they like. Along with the style and glamourous look, some bracelets also have healing properties, such as crystal bracelets. These bracelets, along with several other gemstones, bring energy to your mind, body, and soul.

Although bracelets fit with people’s styles, people occasionally wear bracelets to conflict with their style. Are you interested in finding out more? Or find out the perfect style for your hands, then go through with this guide above.

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