A Guide for Creating a Minimalist Makeup Look

When you’re passionate about makeup and love experimenting with colors and shades, you may find yourself at a loss trying to do the opposite and tone down your makeup look. There are many reasons why you might want to create a minimalist look, whether it’s just to experiment, for a specific occasion, or maybe because you’re trying to wear less and save money on cosmetics.

Whatever your personal reason is for wanting to try a more minimalist look, here is a guide for how you can achieve it.

  • Choose the Right Foundation and Apply Evenly

When you’re wearing less makeup overall, your base coat is going to be more prominent, which means it’s even more important to get your foundation right. This is going to encompass the majority of your look as a minimalist style, so make sure you get a shade that truly matches your natural skin tone and one which applies lightly and evenly.

If you’re not sure how to apply foundation properly and usually struggle with a heavy look, then you can experiment with different applications, such as sponges, foundation brushes, or applying with your fingers.

  • Rethink Your Brow Game

Framing your brows can be an enjoyable part of a regular makeup routine, especially if you have a great product to fill them in and define them. However, when the rest of your makeup look is more natural and minimal, a heavily defined brow can be at odds with the rest of your look.

You might, therefore, want to think about getting a softer and lighter brow product and filling in more sparsely if you’re not happy with simply brushing your brows and leaving them natural.

  • Ditch Eyeliner and Eyeshadow

Bold and bright eye makeup with heavy eyeliner won’t work for a more minimalist look, but you can still dress your eyes using a simple mascara, like Essence Mascara, to frame your face and still make your eyes pop. Mascara is more helpful for a minimalist look than eyeliner or eyeshadow, as it can still allow your eye makeup to look complete without wearing too much.

If you still want to wear eyeliner or eyeshadow, think about very subtle eyeliner strokes in the corner of your lids, and opt for a neutral eyeshadow shade that is a similar color to your skin.

  • Choose a Lip Shade That Works for You

The great thing about a minimalist look is that you don’t necessarily have to avoid a lip shade that has a little bit of color. If your eyes are dressed down, then you have more freedom to still add brighter color to your lips, depending on what you prefer.

For the ultimate minimalist look, then natural, more nude shades can be a great option, whether lipstick, gloss, or balm. Soft colors like pinks also work well, but it all depends on the overall look you’re going for. Matte lipstick can often have a better effect with a toned-down look than shiny gloss.

If you are trying out a minimalistic look, bear the above tips in mind and enjoy the results.

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