7 Styling Tips for Short Women to Look Tall in a Lehenga

There is no denying that all women are beautiful irrespective of their skin tone, height, or body shape. Yet, special events like weddings and festivities require everyone to flaunt the best version of themselves in the finest traditional attires. The vast variety of lehenga choli online will be your saviour while you are shopping for such grand occasions by providing you with innumerable options to choose from.

Boasting graceful silhouettes that enhance the appearance of the adorner, lehengas are the dream outfit of every woman. However, ladies with a short height are usually overwhelmed to try out a lehenga because this ensemble is considered to be more apt for leggy lasses. We are here to break this myth as with the right styling tips, it is totally possible for short women to look tall in a lehenga!

Without further ado, have a look at 7 styling tips that’ll make you appear taller in a lehenga:

  • Wear your lehenga skirt below the navel

Exposing your midriff by leaving a gap of about 3-4 inches between the blouse and the lehenga skirt creates an optical illusion of height. You should strictly avoid high-waist lehengas as they can make you look shorter than you are. Always drape your lehenga skirt below your navel as this trick helps to elongate your short frame.

  • Keep the width of your lehenga border narrow

Lehengas with broad borders attract attention to your short height which is the last thing you want! The width of your lehenga border must be as narrow as possible to look taller; borderless lehengas are an even better option. You need to keep this point in mind also while indulging in a saree shopping expedition.

  • Choose lehengas adorned with delicate designs

Avoid lehengas featuring massive prints and heavy work that can make you appear short and bulky. Instead, you should opt for lehengas with delicate designs like embroidery or zari.

  • Opt for the one-shoulder dupatta drape

The way you drape your dupatta matters a lot if you are trying to look tall in a lehenga. An elegant one-shoulder dupatta drape creates long, vertical lines that add more height to your frame.

  • Pick lightweight lehenga fabrics

You should avoid stiff and heavy fabrics like silk and brocade and go for lightweight lehengas made of georgette and chiffon. These body-hugging fabrics accentuate your figure which in turn makes you look taller.

  • Select blouses with a low-cut neckline

There can’t be anything worse for short women than a choli or blouse with a high neck. Always choose blouses with deep V or U-shaped necklines as they elongate your upper body.

  • Wear a monochrome lehenga choli

Monochrome lehengas lend uniformity to your look from head to toe and therefore make you appear taller. Multi-coloured lehengas on the other hand can broaden your frame, which is why you should avoid wearing them.

By incorporating these tips, any woman can rock a lehenga regardless of her height! Similarly, a short kurta for women is a strict no for you as it can add more bulk to your frame.

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