Team Up Your Wedding Gown with a Wedding Shawl!

A wedding is one of the most important days of a woman’s life. Hence most brides-to-be want each aspect of their special day to be flawless. While there are many noteworthy things in a wedding, the bride’s trousseau is always a point of attraction for the day. Women spend hundreds of pounds on their dresses, to look their best and stun the guests on their special day. So naturally, a wedding shawl too holds an important position as a part of the bride’s ensemble.

Since UK’s weather can be quite unpredictable, it is best to keep shawls or wraps on standby for you and your bridesmaids on your wedding day. But which one should you get amongst the many bridal wedding shawls available?

Let’s take a look.

Wedding Shawl

Which pashminas, shawls or wraps best suit a wedding?

Since brides usually spend a fortune on their wedding gowns, their wedding pashmina should be good enough to complement their dresses. That is why it is a safe bet to go with cashmere or pashmina ones. The wedding shawl made from these materials doesn’t just look stunning but is also hand woven to perfection. Thus they have achieved quite a coveted status in markets worldwide.

A 100% hand-woven pashmina is almost like a collector’s item. So donning one for your wedding can make your ensemble even more unique. And not just you, your bridesmaids too can select from the wide ranges of colors available in cashmere shawls to go with their dresses.

The origin of Pashmina

Long before they became popular as bridal shawl, pashminas were quite sought after pieces of apparel in the eastern countries. It also borrows its name “Cashmere” from Kashmir. The wool comes from four very distinct breeds of goats, found only in various parts of Northern India and Nepal.

The difference between normal wool and pashmina lies in how they are obtained and manufactured. Pashmina is obtained by combing the goats instead of shearing them and then being hand spun into fine wool. The wool is then hand woven into fine shawls, wraps, scarves, throws, etc. The price of each item depends on their intricacy of designs and the craftsman’s skills. Thus, wedding pashmina wraps entail a higher price range and if you need a pashmina follow that link.

How to get a good cashmere wedding shawl?

Original cashmere can be a bit hard to come by. But there are online sites in UK that can provide you with a great range of wedding shawl and wraps. The best option for a bride is to of course go for a white or ivory colored one. But you can also play around and choose from the wide variety of colors available.

These online sites source the shawls from Italy and Nepal. If you are looking for 100% cashmere wedding shawls, you can pick one from the hand-woven range from Nepal. Or if you want to settle for something comparatively less expensive, the mixed ones from Italy are the ones for you. Italian cashmere blended with simple wool or acrylic to make them suitable for manufacture using machines.

Also, you can easily find the wedding wraps of your choice for your bridesmaids, mother or any other guest from the collection available in the online stores. There are more than seventy colors you can choose from and hence finding a match with the dresses will be a cakewalk. Also, the online shops have testimonials from satisfied customers as a proof of the superior quality of material they supply.

Thus whether you are a bride or a bridesmaid, pairing up your dress with a wedding shawl is sure to make heads turn! So keep things elegant and classy with a pashmina wedding shawl this wedding season.

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