Have a Dirty Cashmere Pashmina? Here’s How to Wash It

Washing a cashmere pashmina

Up from the hills of the Himalayas comes one of the finest wool – ‘pashm’ which creates the very enticing cashmere pashmina. Dating back to the Iranian and Mughal times, this heritage apparel has made its way to the fashion domain and is a ‘must-have’ garment both for men and women.

Coming in a variety of combinations as – knitted, cotton and silk, you must ensure complete care to these shawls. From using mild detergents and shampoos to using it carefully, you have to be very watchful while handling a pashmina.

It is the care that shows on the edges of pashminas and holds it strong for a lifetime.

Cashmere pashmina – The beauty from the hills!

The beauty of the cashmere pashmina rests in their intricate embroidery, vibrant colours and soft textures. These cashmeres are hand spun by traditional weavers who have mastered the trick of weaving pashminas by inheritance. Far from any kind of professional training, they weave the cashmeres by those same tricks which their forefathers have used for centuries.

Coming in a variety of formats the pashmina wrap – the silken ones along with the woollen cashmeres are in great demand in recent times. The shawls also come in knitted varieties and, at times, are quite affordable. What’s more? Authentic online retail outlets provide a plethora of options in cashmere pashmina to choose from.

Thus, one can surely state that this elegant piece of clothing is a piece of the hidden traditions of the East – a culture that is retained till date!

So, when you have such a piece of culture in your hands, would you not like to check out ways to keep it clean? Well, firstly, you need to use very mild techniques to prevent this from shedding.

Scroll down for other details about washing these pashmina wraps.

How to wash your cashmere pashmina the ideal way?

Wash it by hand.

This is a must! If you use either brush or machine for cleaning these wraps, it can result in removal of the threads from these shawls. If you are using a brush, it may happen that the hand spun threads are cut into strips and create a rough impression on the cashmere.

While at the same time, if you use washing machine, then constant spinning and squeezing of these pashminas can result in cutting of threads.

So, cleaning by hand is the best option.

Use a mild shampoo or detergent.

It is another important point of maintaining a cashmere wrap. Rather than those harsh chemicals, you must use mild detergents and shampoos to maintain the gloss of silk pashminas. You have to maintain the softness of its texture and the vibrancy of the colour by using these light detergents.

After washing, just leave it to dry.

It is very important that you do not rinse those shawls but leave it to dry after the regular hand wash. Also, make it a point that you do not let it come in contact with direct sunlight or rough surfaces.

Have you already packed your cashmere shawl to give it to the laundry? Stop now! Just use your hands and a soft shampoo – your work will be done!

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