Handcrafted Silk Scarf – Must-Have Accessory for Every Fashionista

Since time immemorial, time itself has been the philosopher’s stone, deciding what’s pure gold and what isn’t. As the saying goes, all good things withstand the test of time. When we speak of the fashion world, we know it’s a world run by changes. Nothing stays in trend for too long, anything that lasts too long becomes boring.

Old things come back in fashion while newer ones fade from the limelight until it’s time for them to make a comeback again.

Green Silk Scarf

Check out how a silk scarf befits all…

  1. An accessory for all seasons

Women’s apparel particularly goes through a lot of changes, a couple of times every year, to be precise. We are all aware how every international brand, every avant-garde designer comes up with their spring collections, fall collections, summer, winter, monsoon collections every year. every season brings in something new. The fashionistas out there like to stay in touch with the trend, which means a piece of clothing usually loses its panache within a few years. Yet, there is one piece of clothing that has literally survived the changes for 2 millennials! Here we speak of the legendary silk scarf that made its way from Nefereiti’s neck to that of Selena Gomez’s.

  1. An accessory for all reasons

With its first recorded presence being around the shoulder of a queen, the scarf has ever since been associated with glamour and aristocracy. Women who wish to perk up their everyday attire, go to the scarf. Women who wish to distinguish the formal suit do with by layering it up with a scarf. Silk scarves are equally popular with dresses and gowns and they pretty much go with anything.

  1. An art unto itself

While each scarf has it own unique value to add, they become all the more precious when they are handcrafted. While the brands today produce digital prints in bulk, there is something about handcrafted scarves that make them stand out. While the former are just pieces of clothing, the latter are pieces of art, carefully produced by artists to design and dye the scarves by their own hand. Handcrafted goods have always had a status of their own, and the same value applies to silk scarves.

  1. Reasonable price

Another factor that makes the handcrafted scarves a better alternative to others is the price. One might buy a very simple scarf for an outrageously high price simply because it comes with a brand name. But when it comes to stealing the show, it’s not the brand name that does the job but the aesthetics of the accessory. In this regard, handcrafted scarves win all hands down because no two scarves are ever the same, and each scarf is exquisitely beautiful in its own right.

A must-have!

A must-have accessory for every woman, the silk scarf has served its purpose of transforming a common woman to a fashionista for a long time now. If you too wish to stay trendy yet classy at the same time, the scarf is something you must add to the wardrobe. The best thing about them is, they can accompany you no matter the season. Spring, fall, or winter, this scarf never goes out of fashion!

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