Cashmere Pashmina Echoing an Artistic Tale from the Past to the Present!

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If you wish to have that one apparel in your wardrobe which depicts a perfect combo of heritage and artistic skill, it is the Kashmiri cashmere pashmina. A piece of heritage spun from the topmost range of the world, this wrap not only comforts the wearer but also brings a unique charm to every garment it is used on.

Back in olden times, it was a symbol of ultimate craftsmanship with intricate embroidery, detailed printing and top-notch quality. In present times, this shawl is a fashion accessory, the owning of which surely makes the wearer stand tall amidst the crowd.

Pashmina – The historical tale of this garment

According to certain sources, a pashmina shawl dates back to the era of Kashmiri ruler Sultan Ul-Abidin, while others consider it to be of Ashokan times. Quite surprisingly, in ancient texts as Mahabharata and Ramayana (2 major shawl epics of India), instances are found where a cashmere wrap is presented as a gift. Thus, one can conclude that for a long time, it has been a product of utmost prestige.

In current times, these shawls have simply added elegance to one’s wardrobe and suit almost every get-up. Thus, history has cemented its position in present times as well.

Cashmere pashmina – The varieties that you can find

What’s best about these pashminas is that, you can find a plethora of options while looking for one. Not just that, but they are also the perfect style statements, which keep you warm and cosy even on tough windy evenings.

Here’s a list of options that you can choose. From tapestry shawls to shahtoosh pashminas to ring shawls apart from the usual embroidered ones, you will be spoilt for choice!

The pashmina for all occasions

These pashm threads come from a special variety of Chyangra goats and are completely hand spun. The traditional weavers of Kashmir and Nepal work their nights out to create some of the most stunning cashmere shawl that you can find on online retail platforms today. Clearly, these positives makes a pashmina  the fashion accessory of modern times!

All those fashionable ladies – just wrap the cashmere pashmina around casually over your top or drape a scarf around your neck and you are ready to go! As a matter of fact, these pashminas are embroidered with a number of ‘gota’ and ‘mirror’ work and hence, suit well for party and casual get-togethers.

No doubt they are a little expensive, but the shawls are totally worth the money.

3 – Not Out fact of pashm!

Just in case all that you know is not enough, here are some of the most amazing facts about pashmina that you cannot miss! Check out –

  • Soft texture:

Spun by hand from the softest of wool, these cashmeres are extremely soft in nature.

  • Light to carry:

Unlike its counterparts, these are extremely easy to carry and are light in nature. Imagine a light pink cashmere wrapping your backless gown.

  • Warm:

These are some of the warmest pieces of clothes that you will come across. Wrap the cashmere around and beat the winter in style.

So, are you now looking for a cashmere pashmina that simply matches your black backless top for the dinner party? Make it a point to check out authentic retail websites for the best!

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