Be the Stunning Bride this Year Draping a Colorful Wedding Shawl!

Wedding shawl

Pashminas are an absolute essential when it comes to US weddings. From wedding shawl to giveaways, this fabric has made its mark everywhere. Earlier, it was used only during winter weddings owing to its warmly texture. But now, as the fashion trends are constantly evolving, the use of pashmina has been fused in summer weddings too.

Since the integration of pashmina with the fashion world, it has evolved a lot considering its demand in the fashion trends. Now, there are myriad options of wearing a shawl in summer and other seasons, along with winter as well.

Colors to choose for a US summer wedding

For a summer wedding, there are plenty of stylish wedding wraps that you can choose from. Here is a list of shawls that can make you look elegant and chic.

Mysterious metallic beauty

You can wear this incredibly beautiful net metallic shawl that comes in attractive colors like pink, green, golden, fuchsia, lavender, silver, turquoise etc. The presence of this fabric can make your entire bridal party a gorgeous and shiny one. The sheer material of this wedding shawl makes it a perfect wear for a summer wedding.

Perks: Wear a white metallic bridal wrap which is perfect for the bride. The bridesmaid can choose from other vibrant colors which will make the lively party.

Intense Ivory beauty

This incredible ivory shawl is made from the finest pashmina that can make you look urbane and elegant on your special day. The soft texture can be very smooth to your skin and its lightweight makes it ideal for summer wear.

Perks: Ivory is the color that is apt for a bride. Throw this bridal wrap over your shoulder and twist it in a bow in your front to give a pretty look. Ask your bridesmaids to wear navy blue pashmina wraps that will bring exceptional color coordination.   

Colors to choose for a fall wedding

Fall is the transition from summer to winter where the temperature starts from a downward journey. A wedding shawl designed for the mild weather is apt for this weather. The trendy colors that are making the favorite choice of every bride are darker hues of grey, pewter, navy brick, red, rust, deep coral, rose, and amethyst purple.

Soft knit plush wool shawls

These soft textured knitted wool shawls are perfect for wearing on a fall wedding. This thicker pashmina is just right to give you the warm feeling and also make a fashion quotient.

Perks: Wrap a rust or brick colored pashmina wedding wrap around your arms. A navy blue dress and a green pashmina on the bridesmaid can make the entire wedding a plush one.

Graceful Crotchet wedding shawl

Designed for this fall season, a crotchet shawl can be your ideal choice for the special day. This simple yet elegant beauty, when wrapped around your shoulder, can make you look absolutely stunning.

Perks: Wear a beige colored crotchet shawl around your shoulder and hook it in front of your dressmaking a lovely pattern. Gift your bridesmaid a multicolored crochet shawl which will make your party an absolute eye-catching one.

Colors to choose for winter season

Since this is the most popular season for weddings, brides and fashionistas are choosing cashmere and woolen bridal shawl wrapped in solid colors as the ideal wedding wear. The colors that are trending in this winter season are midnight blue, coral, raspberry, dusky blue, grey, orange, pink, sky blue etc.

Dazzling 4 ply bridal shawl

This particular shawl is a bit heavy, making it ideal for winter wear. You can choose the ideal color emulated with designer weaves to make you look flawless on your wedding day.

Perks: Wear a red wrap on your white beautiful gown that will make an unusually arresting look.

A gorgeous wedding shawl with the right colors that are matched with the atmosphere can make your wedding a dreamy one. Also, don’t forget to bring that smile, because the happiest brides are the prettiest one.

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